In fact, geotextile fabrics make a big difference in modern construction by stabilizing the ground, improving drainage, filtration, separating aggregates and spreading the imposed loads, and are therefore suitable for a variety of projects.

Types of geotextiles

In the production of geotextiles, two general methods are used, and in general, some of these fabrics are randomly intertwined with woven textiles to form geotextiles, and others by tying woven textiles to Each other, are produced.

In fact, regarding the production of different types of geotextiles, it can be said that woven geotextiles are woven and produced by industrial weaving machines, while non-woven geotextiles are produced by a special method called needlework method and by a series of Barbed needles are produced and have a non-woven, felt-like appearance.

They are a reasonable price solution for a variety of applications such as:

 Stabilization of construction entrances and staging areas.

 Bridging soft soil

 Separation of different soils

 Reinforced soil structure

 Erosion control on the beach

Geotextile sheet standards