Welding wire

The decision to use a welding wire or a welding rod is entirely up to the welding method

Types of welding wire

Pvc geomembrane welding wire-

PVC geomembrane welding wire, PVC is usually not only used as pure sheets, so several sheets must be joined together to create a permanent and secure seam between them. In many cases, it is enough for the PVC sheets to be joined together, but this is not always the case.

There are also PVCs that cannot be bonded together due to chemical resistance or that are difficult to bond together

 Welding wire of polypropylene geomembranes-

them of polypropylene geomembranes, welding is the process of uniting different surfaces, which is done by softening them by heat. One thing to keep in mind about thermoplastic welding is that one of the most important components of this process is the material used. Unfortunately, many people are still unfamiliar with the basic principles of welding that are so important.

Therefore, in this article, we will examine how to use polypropylene and polyethylene welding wire, as well as important points about performing thermoplastic welding

 Welding wiire of polyethylene geomembranes-

them of polyethylene geomembranes: Polyethylene is one of the types of low-consumption plastics that can not be bonded without special adhesive for polyethylene.

Depending on the application of polyethylene, it is possible to avoid welding, as the use of several types of adhesives that are suitable for this purpose often affects their use. For example, the use of these adhesives may prevent the manufactured containers from being used for food

Suitable welding temperature

Each type of PVC that is suitable for PVC welding has its own welding temperature. This temperature is directly related to the softening temperature of PVC. The temperature should be chosen depending on the type of PVC so that the welding wire and the surfaces to be welded are sufficiently heated and begin to melt. If the welding temperature is too low, no solid welding seams can be produced, as it is not possible to mix PVC sheets with welding wire.

If the temperature is too high, PVCs may burn, which affects the quality of the weld. To find out which temperature should be selected for which type of PVC, please refer to the relevant welding temperature specifications for the relevant PVC  or welding rod

Suitable welding machine

Determining which welding machine to use for PVC welding may not affect the success rate of welding, but for PVC welding, however, a distinction must be made between different welding machines