Roof Garden performance; Nature in the heart of the house

What is a roof garden and what are its benefits? We humans are always looking for peace in crowded and polluted cities. The peace that takes us away from this hustle and bustle. We have looked for many ways, but none have been more enjoyable than being in nature.

Roof gardens or green spaces on the roof are basically places that are composed of beautiful and spectacular green space. It is as if we have brought nature to polluted cities. These garden roofs are basically run on rooftops or backyards.

roof garden

Benefits of Roof Garden:

In addition to beauty and charm, roof gardens are a suitable and unique substrate for plant cultivation. You can easily grow natural plants on an artificial substrate at an altitude above ground level.
You must have encountered beautiful shrubs on the floor of the lobby, or small gardens in the courtyards that do not have dirt.

All these beauties can be done by Roof Garden. Therefore, most people who are looking for a suitable place to relax, welcomed the roofs of the gardens.

Today, with the use of geomembrane sheets and geotextiles, as well as with the help of geocells, the necessary steps can be taken to build a roof garden. One of the advantages of using them is the speed of work and its long durability.