Geocell is one of the most efficient and advanced options to solve the problem of soil stabilization in embankment construction and maintenance, especially in road construction and soil reinforcement

Geocells, due to their unique three-dimensional structure, limit the filler material and protect the following material from movement by wind and water. The configuration of these cells acts as a barrier and, while holding the material in place, allows water or wind to pass over the surface. Much research has been done to investigate the benefits of using slope geocells.

Creating a suitable substrate surface using Geocell:

they is a flexible permeable system that has this feature, creating stronger surfaces with less cross-sectional area than concrete, which reduces construction time by 50% and reduces construction costs by 12 to 15%. Geocells in sizes of 5, 10 and 15 cm and with a diameter of 0.75, 1 and 1.5 cm by Arian Khak Iranian Company

With they, there is no need for molding, reinforcement and reinforcement, and it helps control and discharge surface runoff.

After spreading the geocell on the substrate, parts of the geocell are connected to each other by special connectors and then, a mixture of concrete or fiber reinforced concrete is poured on the geocell.

Other benefits of Geocell in Inhibition Management:

Provide high strength in the road bed, especially loose soils

Eliminate the problem of loosening and shedding of soil grains in the soil used on the slope

Drainage channel stabilization

Construction of dykes, piers and coastal walls

Preventing scouring of coastal roads and structures and canals