Oil tanks

Effective planning and management of bulk petroleum storage tanks are critical to environmental protection. geomembranes can be the best and most cost-effective choice for secondary containment. we also have advanced methods for making secondary tanks of various petrochemical materials with geomembrane sheets.

Petroleum geomembranes
This type of geomembrane has a more appropriate and cheaper price than other geomembranes due to its special formulation which has a lot of carbon. (It should be noted that carbon black is very different from carbon and they are similar only in name, and carbon black gives anti-UV properties to the sheet and increases the strength of the geomembrane sheet) The so-called geomembrane in the market Carbonaceous geomembranes are called petroleum geomembranes and agricultural geomembranes.

Geomembranes are widely used in oil, gas and petrochemical industries due to their low permeability and high strength.

Geomembranes along with geotextiles (geotextiles protect geomembrane sheets from environmental effects such as sharp corner stones) play an important role in preventing water wastage and pollution.

Oil Reservoirs – Geomembranes prevent wastage of water and liquid chemicals.

Water loss is a critical factor for the mine. Because a lot of water is used in mining operations. Mine water is used to cool waste separation devices from valuable minerals and to control dust.

To prevent wastage, water is usually circulated in a controlled manner in the relevant devices. However, to control pollutants, the circulating water increases each time. That is why water control is so important. Excessive use of water to cool devices causes excessive water consumption in local sources and then water supply sources.

Mineral water contaminants can contaminate local water if the conditions of mine water isolation are not done properly and with high reliability. It can also be a very dangerous threat to the region’s ecosystem, such as drinking water. Most mines around the world typically consume 500 gallons of water per second. This raises concerns about water consumption and the immediate and rapid pollution of natural resources and ecosystems.

Geomembranes guarantee miners that they do not need to source water from local sources because these geomembranes are made of hard polymerases and have high resistances, storing water and preventing water wastage.

Insulation of oil tanks

Oil tanks – pollution protection with secondary restraints

Secondary coating (geomembrane sheet) for all applications in which oil and other flammable toxic substances are used. To leak these toxic substances is a more cost-effective option than other options.

This secondary coating also helps prevent contaminants such as oil, gas, and contaminants from the mining industry.

Geomembrane sheet anchorage also provides a reliable dual coating for storage tanks. It also greatly increases the reliability and reduces the risk factor for flammable tanks.

Also, creating secondary coverage with geomembrane sheets in oil, gas and petrochemical industries will reduce the overhead costs of these businesses.

Increases reliability and manages potential facilities and environmental hazards.

Secondary coatings will play an important role in preserving the environment and taking care of products when storing oil, gas, petrochemical and mining industries for drilling mud ponds, fire ponds, pad and pit drilling sites, and so on. .