Drainage Cell

Three-dimensional drainage networks ( Drainage Cell ) are polymer plates used to drain the flow of highly permeable fluids. With the help of the tabs on their body, they are easily connected to each other and ..
create drainage plates to the desired dimensions


Protect the soil from building structures-

The drainage cell is used in conjunction with geotextiles and acts as a protective membrane for waterproofing, as well as ventilating concrete slabs to reduce heat stress and cracking.

Efficient water management

It only removes excess water and keeps a good amount in place. Also, due to its unique design, drainage has water-retaining cups that provide optimal moisture conditions for growth.

Vertical water management-

Wall panels create a permanent structural cavity that reduces hydrostatic pressure and controls water leakage.
Application: Basement walls – retaining walls

Long shelf life-

This product has a long life and is resistant to all earth chemicals. It is also produced from quality materials selected under strict quality control and will not be destroyed if used properly.


Effectively collects water through vertical pores

Save on extra water

Drainage cells with water retention cause the plant to always have the necessary moisture

Suitable aeration for plant roots

Due to their strong structure, they can withstand heavy loads and are able to withstand high weight and maintain shape

Very fast and easy installation (using the tabs on the sides of the panel, panels can be easily installed)

The light weight of this product provides fast and easy portability

Increase the life of the green roof