Geodrain has many applications, including in areas such as basements, underground garages, parking lots, rooftop terraces, etc.

Another place where you can make the best use of Geodrain tape is where the water level is high. Another place where They is used is the roof of buildings or the green roof.

They can be used in green spaces as well as in stadiums. The next site where this material is used is landfills and petrochemical sites to direct liquid contaminants.

Geodrain strip is used as an external drainage layer in the waterproofing system, which is used in conjunction with the type of sheet or liquid of the outer covering membranes applied.

It is also used to protect structures against hazardous chemicals in groundwater.

Another application of geodrine tape is to prevent the accumulation of groundwater in the outer part of retaining walls and timbers.

Features of Geodrain tape

Geodrain allows the structure to withstand water pressure well.

It is also resistant to all chemicals normally found in the soil.

As soon as this part of the effluent is filled, it acts as a slippery membrane that is resistant to stresses and movements.

Allows the excavated ground to be used for the part to be filled.

Geodrain is made of a very strong and durable material that minimizes the risk of damage when refilling, even if a protective board is used.

It also has high resistance to pressure.

Geodrain tape can filter suspended particles in the soil or the same fine particles with its geotextile layer and prevent them from entering.

On the other hand, it is very easy to install and comes with a wide range of products related to installation and commissioning.