Green wall

Green wall (also known as plant wall, living wall or vertical garden)is one of the technologies that has become popular in recent years. The construction of the green wall is important in both environmental and aesthetical point of view.
Vertical gardens or green walls are an alternative for people who do not have enough horizontal space to create a green landscape or people who want to turn a wall that has no charm and beauty into a wonderful landscape.
In fact, it can be said that the green wall is a very good choice for people who are looking for a special and different design.

The best option for building these walls is to use geomembrane sheets(water proof layer), geotextile sheets (impermeable for plant roots)and a suitable irrigation system. greenwall can be installed on the surface of any wall, whether indoor or outdoor, with minimal facilities.

In this system, the planting bed is made of compact layers of natural fibers with high water holding capacity, and the irrigation and feeding network of plants is fully automatic, and according to the need, and temperature sensors, rainwater control, and control of essential nutrients are used.
This exclusive and highly specialized system is absolutely necessary for the health and stability of the vegetation in the long run.

Green wall

Steps to build a green wall:

Choose a suitable wall (according to sunlight)
Choice of living wall construction system (modular panels) or green facade (climbing plants)
Making a suitable frame (including: PVC geomembrane waterproofing, textile, dimple shape)
Installing a layer of fabric on the wall
Install a suitable irrigation system according to the type of plant
Add fertilizer injector and install irrigation system to water source
Choosing the right plant (according to light, shade, humidity, wind and cold)
Plant design

Suitable plants in shady or sunny space:

Cute French.
Clay milk.