Extruder welding machine

As you know, geomembrane polymer sheets are known as tools and building materials widely used in the field of sealing structures and insulation of various foundations. To use these sheets in the construction of any type of structure, it is necessary to connect these sheets together using special tools, which usually use a geomembrane welding extruder.

In fact, a geomembrane welding extruder is an extruder that injects extrusion into the joints between geomembrane sheets, welds these sheets together and connects them. Geomembrane welding extruder is used in two types of wire and granular and also with the advancement of technology, this machine can be used in both manual and automatic capabilities.

Types of geomembrane welding extruders

Wire geomembrane welding extruder : This type of geomembrane welding extruder is produced in various sizes and is used to connect or repair geomembrane sheets. The difference between this group of geomembrane extruders and other extruders is only in the way of feeding these devices. In fact, in the wire welding machine, polyethylene wires are used as extruders.

Granular geomembrane welding extruder: Geomembrane welding extruder is one of the most widely used models of extruder, which in addition to welding polymer sheets in the field of construction of polyethylene tanks and tanks is also used; But the low weight of this device and the appropriate and ideal output of its molten material is the most important reason for contractors in the field of special application of this device.

Common methods of welding geomembrane sheets

Hot Air Welding: Hot air welders are small, lightweight welders that use hot air to soften and bond materials together. This welding method can be used and is very suitable for a variety of geomembrane models such as PVC, Urethane, HDPE, polypropylene and LLDPE
Regarding how to do this method, it should be said that the interface of the two overlapping layers of geomembranes is exposed to hot air and their surface is softened so that by pressing the surfaces together again, a strong bond is created between them

Extrusion welding: Extrusion welders are larger and heavier welders who use a plastic welding rod to weld the sheets together. This style of welding is primarily limited to HDPE, polypropylene and LLDPE; Because there is a possibility of material degradation in hot barrels and therefore this method is unsuitable for urethane or PVC based geomembranes

Wedge Welding: Wedge welders are small hand-held machines that weld two sheets of overlapping material. There are two types of wedge welders, the first type is known as single wedge welder and the second type is known as wedge gap welder