Dimple sheet

Dimple sheet is a sheet slope reinforcer. This device is used to clean water from surfaces and walls. Due to the structural type of dimple sheet, in addition to draining surfaces and walls, it also temporarily controls the influx of water. This product is recommended in different places with different thicknesses. The sheet has a polyethylene structure, so the viscosity is very durable
Due to the presence of protrusions in the whole surface, this layer has a high resistance to impact loads. Due to its prominence, it easily drains surface water

Advantages of using a dimple sheet

 Disperses water due to the structure of the sheets-

 Has suitable compressive strength for the project-

 Tensile strength and flexibility in contact with uneven surfaces-

 Hygienic and non-toxic and free of contaminants for water traction-

 Quick and easy installation with low width and weight-


 Production of dimensions according to the needs of the project-

 Ability to lock and connect the sheets together-

 High resistance of dimple sheet against concrete pressure-

 Improving the quality of concrete due to the absorption of latex by the ground-

Types of dimple sheets


Pale sheet
This dimple sheet dimple sheet with 8 mm is an affordable solution to protect the base wall
Low light membranes are used to protect the environmental insulation and sealants resistant to sufficient pressure
Thanks to their good compressive strength of 200 kN / m2 and elongation at rest, dim light membranes provide safe protection again during excavation holes. In addition, the lights securely separate the base wall and the soil


This dimple sheet has a shallow membrane of 8 mm, a quality solution to protect the base wall
These dimmers are made of high-density, high-density polyethylene. It is for groundwater, without contaminants for disposal and recyclable
Dim membranes are used to protect the environmental insulation and seal sufficiently against pressure. Thanks to their excellent compressive strength and elongation at rest, the lightweight membranes provide safe protection during excavation. In addition, the lights securely separate the base wall and the soil


Pale sheet
An effective protection and drainage system for horizontal indoor applications. It consists of a high quality and especially low light sheet

This new lightweight sheet has been created for flooring applications to protect against rising humidity and pollution. In addition, it can be used as an alternative to non-greasy concrete substrates. Specific dim light shape (approximately 4 mm) minimizes changes in floor surface; While still creating an air gap enough to achieve steam pressure

PM 20

Pale sheet
It is an efficient drainage membrane and is an ideal solution for increasing drainage and back water. Provides several times the drainage capacity of ordinary dimmers
The low light height of 20 mm offers a massive approximate drainage capacity. 9 liters per second
The pressure resistance is approximately 180 kN / m2 and has a high level of safety and corresponds to a compressive strength of 18 tonnes / m2
The accumulated water can then be drained during the shell making stage
In this way, any water that collects as the groundwater level rises is safely drained to the drainage line, where it can be pumped