Insulating Foundation

Insulation of the foundation: It is necessary to protect the structures against moisture and groundwater and has a significant effect on increasing the efficiency and useful life of the structure.

It is a complex issue in terms of choosing the type of sealing system appropriate to the project conditions.In areas where the groundwater level is high, water will pass through level structures due to the porosity of the concrete and the law of related containers, and will eventually fill the structure with water while corroding the reinforcement and destroying the concrete.

The use of geomembranes as a sealing system to protect the foundations of buildings against the destructive effects of water is an advanced and safe technology that has been increasingly used due to its high efficiency.
Depending on the form of water in the project (humidity, temporary water pressure, permanent water pressure), different lining systems and different thicknesses of geomembranes can be used. If our structure is affected by constant water pressure, geomembranes with a thickness of at least 2 mm must be used.

Advantages of foundation sealing using geosynthetics

Prevent water from penetrating
Increase the useful life of the structure
Long-term sealing performance
Prevention of rust and oxidation of rebars (external sealing)
Damage to the concrete surface has no effect on the sealing of this system
High hydrostatic pressure resistance
Ability to seal internally or externally
Non-toxic and environmentally friendly
Resistant to cold and temperature changes
It can also be applied on old concrete surfaces

The quality of foundation insulation depends on the following factors:

Type of geomembrane
The type of sealing system includes preparation of the substrate before application
How to do sealing (drainage, sealing system, protective system, type of bed soil)

Concept of sealing system:

Insulation of the foundation
Lean Conceret
Geotextile 500 g / m2
PVC geomembranes0 mm (1.5 mm)
Geotextile 500 g / m2
0.25 mm polyethylene sheet as a slippery and protective layer
Protective concrete

Vertical surfaces with the ability to insulate the foundation of the outer part

Geotextile 500 g / m2
PVC geomembranes0 mm (1.5 mm)
Protective layer (cardboard, concrete block)

Vertical surfaces with the ability to insulate the interior

Retaining wall
Separating layer (such as 4 cm thick polystyrene foam)
Geotextile 500 g / m2
PVC geomembranes0 mm (1.5 mm)
Concrete wall