Fish breeding pool

Today, the safest, most economical, highest quality and fast way to build a aquaculture pond is using polyethylene sheets known as geomembranes.
These sheets are a good alternative to expensive and time-consuming old methods for constructing fish and aquaculture ponds. Geomembrane sheets are chemically neutral and do not undergo chemical reactions.
Also, due to the concentration and compaction, the constituent chains have high permeability and do not allow chemicals to penetrate into their structure.
Therefore, these coatings are used without brittleness and fragility at very low temperatures or reduction of tensile strength and loosening at high temperatures.

Advantages of constructing a fish pond by geomembranes:

Reduce construction costs to less than 50%
Significant reduction in oxygenation costs
Ease of installation and construction of the pool in the shortest time and the highest quality
Very high impermeability and insulation
Remove algae and moss from the walls
Very high ease of descaling
Significant reduction in oxygenation costs
Perform quality control tests and ensure complete sealing of the system

fish pool

Steps to build a fish pond:

Mapping and data collection Excavation
Leveling and excavation
Digging a trench
Geotextile implementation
Execution of geomembrane sheets
Sheet restraint in the trench
Water intake of fish and aquaculture ponds